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Chic Bedding Layers

Posted by Leslie Burk on

If you look at your bedroom and think it needs something to add more color, pattern, or texture, you should consider adding bedding layers. You don't necessarily need to scrap your existing duvet, comforter, or quilt bedding, instead add coordinating layers. Take a cue from interior designers, who use the technique of layered looks to create visual interest that "completes" a room.

You may have chosen a complete designer bedding set already pre-assorted by the manufacturer. These coordinated looks usually include a comforter or quilt, coordinating pillow shams, and perhaps a bedskirt. But don't stop there. Add an additional quilt, comforter, and sham pillows. Finish with throw pillows for a look that is full of texture, color contrast, and pattern play. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors, just remember to balance large patterns with small prints and solids.

When mixing patterns pay attention to scale. If you choose a large pattern comforter go with a solid or small geometric print quilt and vice versa. For a serene look, choose light muted colors and solids. For a more bohemian eclectic style, have fun with contrasting colorways and patterns. Many modern quilt designs are available in reversible looks giving you two patterns to coordinate with your bedding.

Layers give you seasonal options. Keep a few quilts on hand to switch out from summer to winter. Purchase a bright, light colored, or white quilt for the summer season and a richer, darker hued quilt for the winter. Your should also switch up your bedding based on temperature. For warm weather, use a lightweight quilt as the main bedding layer and place your duvet or comforter folded at the end of the bed. Or for colder weather, switch and use the comforter as the main layer and fold the quilt . During really warm weather, consider using a duvet cover without an insert for a lightweight option.


Pillows with shams and throw pillows are not only comfortable for lounging and sleeping they add a final pop of color and pattern. A euro sham makes both an ideal backrest and helps to define and ground the headboard space. Throw pillow layers allow endless options for lending your personal signature style. Finish your bedding ensemble with a throw blanket tossed on the bed or lay one over the footboard. Viola! You now have an ultra comfortable bed with versatile chic style.

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