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Musings about Amazing Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs

Posted by Leslie Burk on

When you hear or read about indoor outdoor rugs, does the image of bright green faux grass floor coverings come to mind? Or, maybe the lackluster offerings at some home improvement stores, that many times, have no real style or interesting color options? Well, we are hear to tell you that well-made and designed indoor/outdoor rugs actually may be one of the most perfect rugs available on the market today. Take a look at our stylish collection of outdoor patio rugs and you'll see what we mean.

High quality indoor/outdoor rugs handcrafted are quite incredible. Now available in luscious colorways and trend-setting styles, these rugs pack a design punch. While Sky Iris customers prove to be partial to hand-hooked indoor/outdoor rugs, these durable area rugs are available in an ever-expanding array of rug construction types including woven flatweaves. Quality power machine-made rugs are also a good option, but we recommended polypropylene hand-hooked variety for great texture and heavier weight.

And don't get us talking about design possibilities. Gorgeous modern graphic patterns, traditional rugby stripes, damasks, and scroll motifs. Rich saturated colors and sophisticated neutrals are all now available in a wide range of area rug sizes, accent rugs, and rug runners. For durability, these rugs are amazing. Stain and moisture resistant and easy clean. Just hose down, carefully scrub if needed, and air dry! While these are the obvious choice for outdoor use, these wonders are fantastic for use inside your home. Think kitchen areas, dining rooms, and entryways.


It comes down to the senergy of traditional rug-making and modern materials to create the ultimate rug for everyday use at reasonable prices. Shop Sky Iris for our curated collection of for a fresh update to your outdoor patio decor.

One our favorite tropical theme outdoor rugs recently featured in Apartment Therapy.


Wishing you and your home happy days!


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