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Musings about Decorative Throw Pillows

At SKY IRIS, decorative throw pillows hold a special place in our hearts. Accent pillows are like little bundles of joy scattered throughout your home. We love textures, patterns, appliques, embroidery, trim, fringe, long baguettes to big squares. Velvet, cotton, jacquard, leather, faux fur, linen, silk, satin, wool - yes, please!

With that said, we get rather excited when a customer would like help in decorating with pillows for a particular room space. Our design philosophy is go for glory with accent throw pillows and make a statement. We love unique and fabulous throw pillow designs. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors. While a well put together room includes thoughtful accents that have a common color or pattern theme, we appreciate the boldness of including a "white elephant" throw pillow that stands on its own and says, "Wow"! Think of decorative pillows as a treasured collection of artwork that creates emotion and mood, and you just can't go wrong.

unique throw pillow mix at

We put together this pillow mix inspired by the rich, deeper hues of autumn. Modern geometrics are mixed with detailed floral patterns in a range of reds, oranges, blacks, golds, and browns. While the patterns are quite varied, the colors flow through the various pillows, beautifully and uniquely.

We could do this all day long, and many days, we do during our busy summer resort season. We also offer this creative process to our long distance online customers. Just let us know your style and colorway, and we are more than happy to help you free of charge in mixing and coordinating from our unique pillow collection including many of our own exclusive pillow designs.

Sky Iris is one of the best places to buy pillows. Shop our online throw pillow designs!

Wishing you and your home happy thoughts!






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