Designer Decorative Throw Pillows - Indulge Yourself

In today's world, online is most definitely the best place to buy throw pillows that fit your specific decorating taste. With the endless choices available, the task of picking your favorites can seem daunting. But you've come to the right place because creating our own unique custom designs and sourcing designer decorative pillows from our suppliers is a Sky Iris specialty!



Decor pillows are like little bundles of joy scattered throughout your home. We love textured throw pillows, those with contemporary geometric patterns, appliques, embroidered designs, trim, fringe, long lumbar to 20"x20" squares. Velvet, cotton, jacquard, leather, faux fur, linen, silk, satin, wool - yes, please!


With that said, we get rather excited when a customer would like help in decorating a bed, sofa, or entire home with decor pillows. Our philosophy is to embrace maximalist decor design with decorative pillows that make a major statement.


Don't be afraid to mix bold patterns and colors that you love. While a well put together room includes thoughtful decor accents that have a common color or pattern theme, we deeply appreciate the boldness of using decor accents that thrill us, give us wonderlust, hold special meaning to us, and sometimes, showcase the quirkiness of our personal style. Its about authentic design that speaks to you. Think of decorative pillows as a treasured collection of artwork that creates emotion and mood in your space, and you can't go wrong.



At Sky Iris, we can mix and match beautiful throw pillows all day long, and many days, we do in our Harbor Springs, Michigan studio. During our busy summer resort season, we work closely with our local clients and interiors designers to create custom pillow designs. We also offer this creative process to our online customers. Just let us know your decorating style and colorways, and we are more than happy to help you free of charge in mixing the perfect decor pillow combination just for you. Browse our selection of decor pillows made by us. We can even customize sizes to fit your needs.


Wishing you and your home happy thoughts!






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